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Cutting Edge Taekwondo Boxed Set with Steven Lopez and Family You will learn THE CUTTING EDGE necessary to overwhelm your opponents and catapult your game to the highest level. THE CUTTING EDGE series will benefit any Taekwondo practitioner. Whether you are a beginning student or an elite competitor, you will develop technique, lean to strategize and polish your game. Includes: THE CUTTING EDGE: Volume I -- Basic to Advanced Footwork - Basic Kicking THE CUTTING EDGE: Volume II -- Advanced Kicking Techniques THE CUTTING EDGE: Volume III (Paddle Drills - Basic To Advanced and Speed Drills) Content: Understanding fighting distance and how to apply steps in order to reach your opponent effectively. Lean how to apply the "Elite" and the "Feint" angle steps that gives Steven Lopez the most effective fighting strategy today. Develop and apply your basic arsenal of kicking. Steven and Jean lead you through a series of basic offensive and defensive techniques. Each is taught step-by-step and in slow motion for easy review of every move. How to use doubles and triples offensively and defensively. Understand spinning and jumping techniques and when to apply them. How to apply fakes effectively. New CUTTING EDGE kicks not yet seen! How to use paddle drills offensively and defensively. Using paddles for speed and simulation training. The use of steps with kicking. This paddle kicking series taught by Steven and Jean is step-by-step and in slow motion for easy review of every move. In this ground breaking Serries 2000 and 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist and multiple titled World Champion Steven Lopez and his family, including Jean Lopez (United States National Team Coach), Diana Lopez (2004 Olympic alternate) and the youngest brother Mark, expected to be a future Olympian, appear as America's Number One Taekwondo Family! Also super sexy Steven Lopez was named as one of People Magazine's 50 Hotest bachelors!